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With over 3000 broadband internet subscriptions to choose from, you’ll surely find something that best suits your needs ! In Ku, Ka and C-Band , you’re getting high speed Internet straight from our own Teleport, no resellers to bloat the prices

GlobalTT is a Satellite Internet Provider with it’s own infrastructure, making it possible for fast internet connections for affordable prices

At Your Service

24/7 Installation
Low Power
High Performance
Powered by GlobalTT
“plug-n-play” and can be installed 24/7 by yourself.
Can easily be powered by solar panels
Up to 30 Mbps, DVB-S2 ACM VSAT Modems
More than 20 years experience in Satellite Services.
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More Information

The NEW VSat iFast® is the best and most up-to-date Internet by satellite solution on the market for Africa, Central Europe and Middle-East .
Our equipment is “plug-n-play”, in Ku-Band, Ka-Band and C-Band and can even be installed and activated 24/7 by yourself.
Possibility to use solar panels to power the VSat system.